Eco-friendly Confetti & Props

We’ve all seen the photos of confetti and props being used either in celebration of a wedding or a special announcements; colorful plastic or metallic confetti, balloons being launched into the air, or smoke bombs. If you’re celebrating a wedding, a gender reveal, or if you feel like tossing confetti for fun, ensure your choices are both eco-friendly and legal.

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There are a lot of eco-friendly confetti and prop options out there! Consider tossing organic materials such as rose petals, lavender, or rice. The couple in the images above used a biodegradable confetti, packaged in a biodegradable container; click “here” to purchase from The Confetti Bar. Flower confetti is a very popular option along with bubbles. You may also want to check out seed paper or biodegradable tissue paper; both found on Click “here” for a gender reveal popper or click “here” for a popper for weddings.

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If your confetti or prop does include non-biodegradable bits, conduct the photo shoot inside so all contents can be swept up and disposed of properly afterwords. A great example of this is seen in the images above. We took this photo indoor because the confetti popper had metallic confetti within it. After we took the photo, it was vacuumed and disposed of properly.

©FianderFoto_Bermuda Photographer_004.jpg

When working with Fiander Foto in Bermuda, please know that the island has very strict laws when it comes to littering.  Confetti that contains plastic or metallic items or props that will affect the environment will not be photographed. Besides - who wants to share images of themselves littering? (#buzzkill) Fireworks and smoke bombs are illegal in Bermuda (small island + fire = bad news bears). For updated information on the laws of Bermuda, please click “here”.

When working with Fiander Foto outside of Bermuda, please double check the laws of the land regarding props, fireworks, and smoke bomb.