Photo booth


If you’re looking to “spice up” your wedding reception or an event, consider booking a photo booth for your guests to enjoy! Unlike other photo booths, ours is compact and discrete.   With a smaller size booth, there's less of a chance of the booth pulling away or interfering with the wedding decor and the dance floor!

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Photo Booth - 2 hrs - $650

Photo Booth + Wedding/Event Coverage - 2 hrs - $600

Photo Booth + Full Day Wedding/Event Coverage -2 hrs - $550

Starting Rates Above; Additional Time Available Á la Carte



So how does it work? Great question - glad you’ve asked! With the photo booth sitting on top of a tripod, your guests are illuminated by a ring light and operate the booth through an app. Party-goers have the option to create GIFs and still images. WIFI and Cellular Networks permitting, the files are delivered straight to your guests' mobile phone! 

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Do you have a photo booth?

We sure do! Our photo booth takes still images and GIFs, which are delivered directly to guests' cell phones.

Can I add the photo booth onto my wedding or event photography package?

You sure can! Discounts are offered for the photo booth when booking it with a wedding or event photography package.

Can I book the photo booth "solo"? Without booking wedding or event photography?

Yes you can! If you're bokoing the photo booth "solo" - meaning not as a package with either wedding or event photography - the rate is higher. A minimum hourly usage may apply during the height of wedding and tourist season.

How does the photo booth work?

When guests walk up to the photo booth, they will have the option to create a still image or a GIF (a boomerang). Once the still image or GIF has been captured by the photo booth, the guest can enter their cell phone number. Provided there is a strong WIFI connection and no issues with the guest's cellular network, the file is sent via SMS (text) or iMessage to the guest's cell phone. Feel free to check out the video tutorial just below!

Does the photo booth come with backdrops or props?

Because our photo booth is intended for unique weddings, events, or parties, the photo booth does not come with backdrops and props. This allows the clients to create their own unique props and backdrop. Feel free to check out the Events Portal or Video Tutorial for ideas!

What if there is not a WIFI signal at the event location? Or if the guest's cell phone have an issue with their cellular network?

Still images and GIFs are saved in the photo booth. If the guest is not able to receive their files due to a lack of WIFI or issues with a cellular network, s/he may receive their images after the event in two different ways. Once the event is over, any images not sent out will be uploaded from the photo booth at a later time when a stronger WIFI connection is made. Images will also be shared on the Photo Booth's Event Portal.

I'm a wedding planner and I'd like to book the booth for my clients. How do I do that?

We love working with wedding planners! To book, the couple is required to sign the contract. Payment can come either through the planner or from the couple.

Where is the Photo Booth Event Portal?

Scroll down for details or click directly below: