Workshop: Photography Farm in Edinburgh, Scotland

Have you ever attended a photography workshop? They can certainly be mind blowing! I ventured over to Edinburgh, Scotland for my very first workshop called "Photography Farm”; also known as MECCA for wedding photographers. The workshop was held at The Biscuit Factory, which is a warehouse downtown. My experience at Photography Farm was not only inspirational and informative, but it was euphoric – on a serious “photo geek” level.  Along with the education came a slew of new friends and collegues - one of whose weddings I’ll be photographing next spring! Below are a few of my photos from the three different shoot sessions that I took with Neil Thomas Douglass, Caroline of The Twins, and Gabe McClintock.

Special thanks to the models, my “shoot session buddies”, the instructors, and Lisa Devlin at Photography Farm for makin’ it happen! Photo Farm will forever have a special place in my heart.