Photo Tours: Booking Details

Photo Tours: Booking Details

Learn more about photography with professional photographer and professor of photography with Melanie Fiander of Fiander Foto!

Whether you are choosing a "Beach Life Photo Tour" or a "Historical Sites" tour, the timing, rates, and booking process is the same.  The ideal time to capture amazing photos is during the Golden Hour; the time just after sunrise and just below sunset.  Although I know those two time options may be reserved for other activities - such as an actual photo shoot where you may be in front of the camera or a fun night out on the town! Below you'll find the different time sessions, prices, and a booking form.

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Time of Day


9:00 - 11:00am


1:00 - 3:00pm


$500 for group of 4 People

(Additional $100/person)


Golden Hours:

Sunrise > 2 hrs

2 hrs > Sunset


$600 for group of 4 People

(Additional $100/person)


Booking Form

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