Workshop: Booking Details

Whether you are choosing a "Beach Life Workshop" or a "Historical Sites Workshop”, the timing, rates, and booking process is the same.  The ideal time to capture amazing photos is during the Golden Hour; the time just after sunrise and just below sunset.  Although I know those two time options may be reserved for other activities - such as an actual photo shoot where you may be in front of the camera or a fun night out on the town! Below you'll find the different time sessions, prices, and a booking form.

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Time of Day

Price / Person

~ Non Golden Hours ~

9:00 - 10:30am


1:00 - 2:30pm


$500 for group of 4 People

(Additional $100/person) 

~ Golden Hours ~

Sunrise > 90 min


90 min > Sunset


$600 for group of 4 People

(Additional $100/person)


It’s recommended that you book at least 2-3 weeks in advance, although is not required. Time slots may vary depending on availability.

Booking Form

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Please provide your full travel dates, accommodation information, and how many people are in your group. Feel free to include any other relevant information.

Workshop: Resort

You’ve picked a wonderful resort to stay at! Why not explore the resort with your camera? Come check out all of what your stunning hotel or BnB has to offer! Explore the unique architectural design of the hotel, gardens, palm trees, pools, nature paths, and the beach.  Along with exploring a few locations, tours include photographic training in different exposure modes, white balance, composition, depth-of-field, focal length, metering, focusing, and editing techniques.

Workshop: Beach Life

The pink sand of Bermuda is not a myth, although you do have to know where to look for it!  Come check a few of Bermuda's stunning beaches to find the pink sand, explore seaside caves, find longtails, and have some good ole fashion fun in the sun with your camera!  Routes may bring you through a few of the following: Tobacco Bay, Fort St. Catherine's Beach, Cooper's Island, Shelly Bay Beach, Admiralty House, Tucker's Point Beach, John Smith's Bay, Grape Bay, Warwick Long Bay, Jobson's Cove, Stonehole Bay, Chaplin Bay, Horseshoe Bay, Elbow Beach, Somerset Long Bay!  Can you guess which beach has the most pink sand and why?

Workshop: Bermudian Architecture

Why are the roofs white in Bermuda?  How are Bermuda homes built so well to withstand most hurricane force winds?  Come visit some of Bermuda's treasures regarding buildings and architecture on this tour!  Many of the sites we'll visit are maintained and preserved by Bermuda's National Trust.  Routes may bring you through the Historic Town of St. George's, the Unfinished Church, Historic Tucker's House, Gibbs Lighthouse, and Verdmont Historic House!

Workshop: Historic Sites

If there's one thing Bermuda has, it's history! Discovered in 1505 by Juan de Bermúdez and settled in 1609 by the English Virginia Company, Bermuda boasts a significant amount of historic locations to explore.  Routes may bring you through the Historic Town of St. George's, Fort St. Catherine's, Alexandra Battery, Fort Hamilton, along Front Street in the City of Hamilton, Bermuda's Railroad Trail, Carter House, and beyond!

Workshop: Adventure at Sea

If you only see Bermuda by land, you're only seeing half of Bermuda!  The island is known for it's amazing coral reef, rocky coastline, and diverse marine life.  Grab your camera and come explore Bermuda's waters aboard Troubadour with Early Bird Charters. Routes may bring you along the north shore to explore the different bays, through St. George's Harbour to explore small islands and ship wrecks, or around Castle Islands along the south shore.

Workshop: Land Conservations

Grab your camera and come explore Bermuda's protected land conversations and parks and learn about the island's natural landscape! Popular destinations include Tom Moore's Jungle, Spittal Pond, Cooper's Island, Coney Island, Abbot's Cliff, Southlands Park, Astwood Park, and Hog Bay Park.  Each location offers something slightly different: wide open spaces and narrow nature paths, wetlands, mangroves, views of the ocean, cliffs, and jungle-like scenery.