First Look: Why Book?

There are two schools of thought on First Look Photos; the traditional and the non-traditional, both of which are absolutely fine!  If your soon to be spouse does not want to see you before the wedding – fair enough – you may not want to include First Look photos as a part of your wedding day.  Although, if you’re considering carving out a bit of time for a First Look photo shoot, you may want to consider the following thoughts!

Let’s start with the basics: what is a “First Look” photo shoot you ask? It’s the first time your fiancé sees you on your wedding day.  In many situations, the groom will be facing the opposite direction of where the bride will enter. Photographs are taken of the bride approaching the groom. With a tap on the shoulder – or a hug from behind – the two finally lock eyes! 

Pat and Sarah opted to have a First Look photo shoot as part of their day in Annapolis, Maryland! This was particularly a special moment because as Sarah began to walk towards Pat, the sun finally peaked out from behind the clouds! (Notice the shadows on the ground below?)

What happened was simply adorable... Sarah skipped the "tap on the shoulder" option as she said hello to her groom! The best advice I can give to a couple to ensure their wedding photos are strong: keep it fun and relaxed! 

Ideally, these photographs should be taken with just the couple, the photographer, and videographer present.  Tell your folks and your bridal party, “check you later” – this is your time to sneak a peak at the love of your life before you say, “I do”! Chances are good that it will be the only part of your wedding day when you get to have a few moments alone with your fiancé.

After taking photos of the initial reaction and emotional response to seeing one another, it’s a great time to take both candid and fun bridal portraits! What I loved about photographing Pat and Sarah's First Look Shoot was that it took place only a few blocks away from where Pat's parents got married!  Not to mention that both of them were wearing Converse Sneakers for their official wedding shoes - which were a wedding gift for Pat! How "Rock 'n' Roll"!

Typically, a Frist Look is scheduled two hours before the actual ceremony, which leaves time to also take candid and fun family or bridal party photos afterwards. Some couples prefer to take these photos after the First Look and before the ceremony so they can enjoy the cocktail hour with their guests.  Photographing a couple mingling and greeting their guests during the cocktail hour is a great time for photojournalistic shots!