National Coffee Day

Yesterday was "National Coffee Day". (Hooray!) I'm sure at some point during your daily "news feed scroll", you came across an article - maybe two - stating why drinking coffee is actually okay for your health. Consider this one more post telling you the same thing... Why? Well, to start with: drinking coffee lessens the chances of Parkinson's Disease, Skin Cancer, and Type 2 Diabetes. There are a few other reasons but most importantly, it makes people happy!

On that note, I'd like to take a moment and introduce you to one of my favorite places to snag an espresso while I'm in Bermuda: Rock Island! Above are a few photos that I took of my favorite barista and friend, Sarah! It's always refreshing for me to photograph a subject that is different from my usual genres: weddings, engagement, and lifestyle imagery. Special thanks to the owner of Rock Island, the lovely Lisabet, for letting me take these photos!