Wedding Chicks & 100 Layer Cake

It has been quite the week for Fiander Foto! Love must be in the air as the phone has been ringing off the hook! I took these phone calls as a sign that I should "step up my game" and become a vendor two of my favorite blogs: Wedding Chicks and 100 Layer Cake! If you haven't heard of these blogs yet, be sure to check them out by clicking "here"...and "here". These two sites are fantastic resources for all you brides and grooms out there!

I'm already very impressed with becoming a vendor for Wedding Chicks' because their customer service is top notch! I had a few simple questions upon signing up and sending in images so I sent an e-mail - and - received a response within 30 seconds. Literally. 30. Seconds. (Thank you Nick at Wedding Chicks!) Similar to the customer service photographers provide their own clients, it's nice to receive the same treatment! What is fantastic about 100 Layer Cake is that I'm able to submit promotions that I'm running for all to see! Pretty sweet, eh? If you've worked with me in the past, please be sure to write a review: click "here" for details.