Proposal: Michi & Dan

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing my friend Dan propose to his long term girlfriend, Michi. Getting ready to photograph this type of event always takes a bit of planning and a bit of acting “sneaky”. The backstory to this plan? Well, Michi had received a free mini photo shoot from me for her birthday some weeks ago. Dan put a bug in Michi’s ear to schedule her free photo shoot for this past Sunday; they were to take “family photos” with their dog for holiday cards. Dan and I settled on a hand gesture to signify that it was “go time”!

With Michi thinking that these photos were being shot for their holiday card, she was determined to get their Springer Spaniel, Ollie, to behave and pose nicely for the camera. With a pocket full of dog treats, Michi came prepared! Although what happened next did throw her a little off guard! As they were both kneeling over with Ollie - Michi attempting to pull the treats from her dress pocket - Dan whispered to Michi, "Would you mind standing up, please"? Her response was classic and simply asked, "Huh? Why?" Naturally, Dan preferred to kneel while he asked if she would spend her life with him; a little hard when both are kneeling. Michi gradually stood up.

Just as the sun was setting, Dan reached into his pocket and pulled out the ring. Michi's eyes started to tear up a bit as Dan took her hand. A huge smile was on Michi's face as Dan slipped the ring on her finger. I continued to shoot photographs from a distance while Dan and Michi embraced each other with a loving hug. Michi turned towards me and said, "Did you know?" I laughed and gave them both hugs; we told Michi that we had planned the photo shoot a few days ago. Their holiday card shoot quickly turned into an engagement shoot as they walked off into the sunset. Many congrats to Dan and Michi! The goddess Venus herself could not have crafted a better pair! All the best to you two in your marriage and years to come!