Love Bugs: Chris & Katie - Anniversary

Just before Christmas of last year, my husband, Jim, and I drove down 95 South to Richmond, Virginia and linked up with our dear friends, Chris and Katie. These two love bugs had recently moved from Arlington to Richmond, and we wanted to check out their new city. It had been years since I was last in Richmond, although this was Jim's first RVA experience. Aside from attending a Carbon Leaf concert at The National that weekend, our schedule was wide open to explore the area, which is exactly what we did! At this time, Chris and Katie were renting a gorgeous apartment in The Fan; the historic and artistic hub of Richmond some might say. We walked through their neighborhood - passed the hipsters in the park, inched our way towards the downtown area, squeezed in a walk along the James River, and even caught a glimpse of the boat parade. Fast forward to the present day: these two have purchased a house and are coming up on another wedding anniversary! Cheers to many more happy years together as they continue to explore Richmond and everything that lies ahead!