Elopement: Anna & William - Tucker's Point, Bermuda

Rosewood Tucker’s Point is one of my favorite resorts to photograph weddings in Bermuda. The landscape is always pristine, the colors are always vibrant, the staff is always super friendly (especially the gentlemen who work the front door) and it might be my imagination, but I’m fairly sure the sun is always shining there!  This day was no different for Anna and William, a.k.a. Butch, who eloped in their hotel suite at Tucker’s Point on February 8, 2017!  With the groom’s father, three close friends, and their dearest pup present, Anna and William said their vows to one another, exchanged their rings, and were legally wed on one of the prettiest days of the month!

After the ceremony, we made our way around Tucker's Point to take bridal portraits – while simultaneously walking the dog.  Anna and William were visibly on Cloud 9 as they laughed with one another continuously. In between me giving them tips for different poses, they would look at each other, embrace, and seemingly a warm calm would overcome the two of them; a sure sign of true love and friendship!