Elopement: John & Brianna - South Shore Beaches, Bermuda

John and Brianna hopped off their cruise ship for a few hours while docked at King’s Wharf and got “hitched” at Jobson’s Cove on a lovely Thursday afternoon! John contacted me two weeks before their wedding to see if I was available for an hour-long elopement session to which I responded, “of course”!  With a little help from my friends – Ms. Emma Simms, event planner extraordinaire, and Pastor Dean – these two were able to be wed right on the water’s edge!

After the bride and groom declared, “we do”, I took photographs of them along Warwick Long Bay, Stonehole Bay, and Chaplin Bay.  What’s fabulous about this little strip of land is that there are four different beaches – all connected – one right after another! With the warm glow of sunset, I had a blast taking their portraits.  During the session, I learned that the couple was visiting from West Virginia and that the bride’s parents had also eloped! Perhaps it runs in the family?  Congrats to the newly weds!