The month of May in Annapolis, Maryland is a beautiful time of year for weddings! Sarah Tippens and Patrick McGarvey chose this historic town along the Eastern Shore for their wedding on May 7, 2016.  Sarah and Pat’s family and friends came from all over the globe to celebrate their union. This was an extra special wedding for me to photograph because the groom and I have been friends for many years, went to high school together, and are a part of a very tight-knit group of friends.  When Pat introduced our group of friends to Sarah, we knew that she was the one for him!  Both Pat and Sarah enjoy a good laugh, a good dance, and a bit of rock ‘n’ roll – all of which were present in their ceremony and reception.  The wedding day started out with everyone getting ready at O’Callahans Annapolis Hotel.  Sarah booked Behind the Veil to do her hair and make-up!

As a wedding photographer, it's always interesting to see the difference between the "vibe" going on within the ladies' rooms versus the guys'.  As I entered the groom's room, the sound of the Grateful Dead rang out from an iPhone and everyone was enjoying themselves.  Pat was all smiles that morning and merely needed to "wrap up" the finishing touches: fasten a bow tie, lace up his new Converse Shoes - a wedding present from Sarah, put on his father's cufflinks, and enjoy a cold beverage with his groomsmen.  I was happy to see Pat's "shout-out" to our home, Bermuda, affectionately displayed on his beer koozie.

Once the couple was dressed to impress, Sarah hopped in our Volkswagen GTI and we hit the road to head over to Franklin Street for the First Look.  Pat had been standing on the street corner waiting for his bride very patiently… and was determined not to peak!  Finally, Sarah snuck up right behind him and gave him a little squeeze!  When Pat turned around to see his bride for the first time, he had a big grin! The two embraced and showed off their wedding shoes!

Our next stop was the Port of Annapolis Marina, their official venue for the wedding ceremony.  Pat and Sarah had set some time aside for Bridal Portraits as well as photographs of the entire Bridal Party.  As we made our way around the marina, we took a few photos in the boat yard and on the dock.  We passed quite a few sailors that afternoon, and one was kind enough to invite the couple aboard to have their photo taken.

Moments before the ceremony started, the sun came out from behind the clouds; almost as though it were a sign from above that their union was approved. Given that the United States Naval Academy is in Annapolis, a Naval Captain conducted their ceremony.  Pat took Sarah's hand as he read her the vows he had written. Let me tell you; there was not a dry eye in sight!  The couple had inherited the groom's parents' wedding rings and to honor Patrick’s late Father, Sarah had tied a picture of him into her bouquet.

Pat and Sarah - along with loving each other - love the National Park Service and exploring the great outdoors.  Each of the dinner tables at the reception was named after a particular park.  When the couple was announced, they made a fantastic entrance – hands in the air – and everyone cheering!  The Original Moonlighters opened up the dance floor once the cake was cut and the bouquet was tossed!  The evening ended with the couple running off into the sunset – or rather – with the couple running through an aisle of sparklers. 

Pat and Sarah: may you both forever travel through life together; holding each other tight, each day and night.  Cheers to the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. McGarvey!  Thanks for allowing me to capture your special day!  It's always a treat for me to photograph a friend's wedding and to be able to spend the day with them - camera in hand!